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Production Capacity

Factory No. Factory area Equipment quantity No. of production lines Product category Annual output
1# 8,200 About 600 sets 34 Knitted underwear & outerwear 10 million pcs
2# 12,000 About 450 sets 10 Formal suits 1 million pcs
3# 10,000 Smart storage area
4# 10,000 About 800 sets 20 Casual jackets 3 million pcs
5# 12,000 About 200 sets 6 Cotton jackets 120 thousand pcs
Boutique suits single cutting 120 thousand sets

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Social Responsibility

The factory is committed to build a corporate social responsibility system with Quality, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability.

The factory is quite human centered. It is deeply influenced by this value thus makes many efforts to

- pay close attention to the physical and mental health of employees

- provide detailed training to employees, focus on employee competence development

- foster a sense of vigorous teamwork

Carbon Neutrality


The factory has launched a green energy plan to achieve energy self- sufficiency through building solar energy plant. According to calculation, the factory needs to consume about 40,000 KWH a day, and the photovoltaic power stationinstallation is about 72,000 square meter. After installation, it can produce about 50,000 kWh of clean energy every day. The green energy plan has been implemented and is expected to be carbon neutral by the end of 2024.




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